Save for retirement on your own terms. OnPoint’s Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) offer secure, federally insured, Traditional and Roth IRA options that help you take control of your retirement.

Ready to get started? Visit Retirement Central® for planning tools based on life stages and learn how you can prepare for your future. Once you’re ready, our IRA Service Center™ lets you prepare paperwork to open an IRA or transact on an existing IRA.

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Table data for IRA Rates
 Rates Effective 04-18-2019
Deposit Amount Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield Minimum Balance Alert Me
IRA Savings See full term and rate details $0
Standard Rate Traditional & Roth IRA Certificates of Deposit See full term and rate details $1,000
Money Market IRA See full term and rate details $0

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1 Additional account details may apply.

2 See your tax advisor for information.

3 Please view IRS Publication 590 for more information about income limitations at or see your tax advisor for more information.